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"The/That" in Czech

I'm probably wrong, I used to know Czech fairly well but I swear I never really used things like "the girl" I would just say "girl." These lessons keep throwing in "ta holka" and, unless I speak like a caveman (which is potentially the case) it throws me off. How often does anyone REALLY use "the" or "that"? There is also a lot of uses of "ty" "my" "vy" etc. of which I never really used either? How important are those?

Thanks for the help! Look forward to hearing from someone on the subject.

September 30, 2017



I've never learnt any Czech but lots of language put the word 'the' before the word to help remember the gender of the word.


I'm currently studying Polish and Czech, both have no articles, the "that" they throw at you should only be there for emphasis when it comes to separate definite and indefinite. I'm no expert, but that is what I know, maybe it is a "handholding" in a certain way, for us whose languages the 'the' is used quite often. I think it will disappear, I'm already seeing it dropping it more often in Polish, perhaps it'll happen in Czech too. The pronouns also disappear, I remember seeing it more when learning them, now Nie ja śpię, but śpię!

Here's a quick research: http://mylanguages.org/czech_articles.php http://mylanguages.org/czech_grammar.php - The tenth lesson.


my assumption is because that is the biggest complaint I have heard in language school for Czech from English speakers is where are the articles a, the, and that. you are correct in the fact that they are rarely spoken but I think its to help the majority English speakers learning. I remember asking how to say different articles and prepositions and often there were not any. now please don't take this all as fact as this is purely my experience as native English speaker and studying Czech in Prague 10 years ago.


The - There is no word for "the" in Czech. It can help you determine the gender when you are learning, but I think it is rather confusing.

That - Can be used in conversation. Ta holka má krásné vlasy. That girl has beautiful hair.

I, You, He, etc. - That is just to make things easier. Usually you don't use it.


so I'm not crazy! good! haha the "the's" really confuse me, so I was hoping they weren't really used... thank you! and thanks all!


So, we can't use "The girl" as a translation for "Ta holka"?


If I am to teach you words like ten, my, vy, etc., I must put them in sentences, or else you'll never see them. They are real words and have valid uses. It is simply untrue that all use of personal pronouns in the subject position is wrong in Czech. If I may request this, please do not use English examples when describing Czech (non)usage. It is incomprehensible.

Also, "ta holka" sounds like a very early lesson. Could you point to usage of the demo pronouns you find suspicious in more complex sentences? With primitive exercises, there is not much to discuss.

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