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How to pay to get back my streak?

Hi Duolingo, I have lost my 250+ days of streak during the weekend because I was busy with wedding, I don't mind paying to get back my streak, however I couldn't see the screen where I can make a payment? Any ideas?

October 1, 2017



There is no such screen. You can pay in advance to protect against missing one day, and on mobile apps you can also buy "weekend amulets" I think that let you skip two days (never tried them). But once you break your streak, it's gone for good and all you can do is start all over. Been there, done that.


Wrong. You can buy streaks back on the mobile app.


I think it is only on the iOS (Apple) apps at the moment.

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I have looked and looked for that on my IPhone and have never seen that offered. I also have never seen the "weekend amulets" on IOS.


It doesn't work. I had It, but when we were with no electricity due to huracan Irma for a week. the streaks went down to 0.

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