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Suggestions for a couple of options

My apologies if this is posted already and I couldn't find it. I admit I suck at figuring out how to find stuff on these forums. If it is, please direct me and I'll be glad to add a +1 to the suggestion.

I'd really like to see an option to allow me to not be forced to do those questions where you have to type what is spoken. I'm sure most users have no issues with those, but my hearing is just messed up enough that they are very difficult for me because I do truly have trouble with these between not being able to distinguish the accents and umlauts spoken and the fact that the speaker used either is mispronouncing some words, or the way I'm hearing it sounds like a mispronunciation. One example is in German when it says the German for apple juice. To me it sounds like she's saying "Apfensaft" when the word is "Apfelsaft".

I'd really like to see an option to just not require those sorts of questions to pass a lesson, but doesn't remove the other sound effects and the ability to hear the words spoken in written questions. As things stand now, the only option that does remove those also seems to remove all sound effects entirely even if sound effects is still turned on.

October 1, 2017



That option exists:


Press ''Speaker'' then press ''off''


That's what I was commenting on in the last paragraph. It turns these off, but it also turns off all sounds in the process, including sound effects which has its own option that is still on. I want an option to just turn off this question type but leave all other sound related things intact.

So yeah what I'm asking for doesn't exist and on top of that, the sound effects option is worthless because turning off speaker turns those off too.


Even with the sounds off, I seem to recall that you can click on the audio button to hear the sentence. Have you tried that? It doesn't play automatically, but I think it's available.


It is, but I prefer the hover to hear a single word be available since I don't always want the whole sentence to be spoken. It also doesn't address why sound effects went away as well despite me not disabling them.

There are two things overall I wish to see addressed:

  1. The options don't work as intended because I doubt turning off speaker was meant to turn off all sounds. If that was the intention, then a separate option for sound effects seems pointless. I'd actually not mind it as much if I could still have the sound effects.

  2. The speaker option disables too much speaking, I just don't want spoken sentences to be a part of a lesson required to pass, and they often are if speaker is on and it usually takes me three or more tries before I can pass that question and it's usually down to me memorizing the correct answer rather than actually hearing it right. An option for not including that particular question type would be perfect.


I agree. In the meantime, I find Forvo to be an even better alternative for pronunciation. They have native speakers as compared to the computer-generated voices that Duolingo uses. I found out about the site when I first started Duolingo and it's been very helpful. https://forvo.com/

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