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  5. "Will you support us?"

"Will you support us?"

Translation:Wirst du uns unterstützen?

October 1, 2017



'Willst du uns unterstützen?' for a polite request that doesn't indicate future?

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Doesn't your sentence mean Do you want to support us?


I thought that wollen could be used to express 'want' AND be used for a polite request. 'Wollen Sie mir bitte helfen?' would be interpreted as 'Will you please help me?'

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I was getting mixed up; I say the word Will in the title and put it in the sentence. And read the translation as Willst du uns unterstützen? (So Wirst du uns unterstützen? does mean "Will you support us?")


What is the version with "Sie" instead of "du"? I tried "Werde Sie uns unterstützen" but it was marked wrong..?


The correct verb form is werden. I assume DL didn’t accept your version because the form werde does exist as well (ich werde), so it considered “Sie werde” a grammar error rather than a spelling mistake.


Aahhhh! I just don't get German grammar and the order of the words! It seems so RANDOM!


So foerdern is offered as a translation but when I Google it that seems to have an almost opposite meaning of, to challenge.

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