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  5. "아버지와 어머니는 부모입니다."

"아버지와 어머니는 부모입니다."

Translation:Fathers and mothers are parents.

October 1, 2017



I understand that often plurality is assumed, but without context, "mother and father" should be acceptable.


Yes, now it is acceptable as well!


It's either context or the particle 들 that shows the plurality. Without either singular should be accepted.


what's wrong with the verb? can you show me please is it some kind of contracting?


Its a common contraction with the copula verb 이다. You take the noun and concatenate a conjugated form of 이다.

부모입니다 = 부모 ("parents") + 입니다 ("to be" in formal speech)

Contrast this with the negated version "are not parents": 부모가 아닙니다. Note that the noun gets tagged with the subject marker and the conjugated negative copula is its own word.


And interesting to note from the notes that: 부: father 모: mother * 부모: parents! (Makes total sense, very practical) But then what's the difference 부 vs 아버지 and 모 vs 어머니? Are 부/모 more a "biological" description while the others more "functional"? Or rather sino-korean vs Korean??


Sino-Korean vs. Korean.

아버지 and 어머니 are native Korean. 부모 has hanja 父母 and its native equivalent is 어버이.

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