"She eats strawberries."

Translation:Elle mange des fraises.

March 13, 2013

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how come this has to be 'des' fraises? I put 'les fraises' and it was wrong. Are there certain times you can interchange de and le and other times you can't?


There are basic rules that you would need to be aware of:

Look at the singular: she eats a strawberry = elle mange une fraise.

Back to plural: she eats strawberries (in English "a" does not have a plural form) = elle mange des fraises, because "des" is the plural form of "une" and "un" as well:

  • she eats sweets = elle mange des bonbons


How do I know if a sentence is referring to an object in general? I thought this one referred to all strawberries, not strawberries she is eating right now.


Try the singular: elle mange une fraise (one strawberry).

elle mange des fraises (= more than one) is just the plural form (remembering that a/an do not have a plural version)

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