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anyone willing to help a brother out?

So i have been studying Spanish for quite some time now but i am not gonna lie i have been slcacking a little bit :( i was wondering if someone who speaks spanish could offer any help to get me back on track, whether its one on one converstions or a website anything would help!!

October 1, 2017



interpals.net is the site I use to practice writing with people. It has Spanish and tons of other languages.


Does it support text chatting hellolingo - or only mails over their portal?


I decided not to go there. I signed up but immediately left. It asks too many questions and just doesn't seem as friendly an environment as Duolingo.


There are sites dedicated to putting language learners in touch with each others. Have a look at the list of language exchange sites on the Multilingual learning resources page on the Duolingo Wiki.

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