"He is half Portuguese and half American!"

Translation:El este pe jumătate portughez și pe jumătate american!

October 1, 2017

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Elsewhere i think there is a question which uses un sfert for two nationalities and o jumatate for another - when would one use an indefinite article and when would one use pe in romanian? I used indefinite articles here and was marked wrong.


I am not sure there is a rule for this. I can confirm the sentence "el este jumătate portughez și jumătate american " is correct and largely used.


Is this sentence wrong with "o" in place of "pe" or just another way of saying the same thing?


"O jumătate " is grammatically correct but there's an aspect that makes this case better suited for "pe jumătate ". You use "o" when you can clearly identify the half ("această bomboane este o jumătate albă și o jumătate roșie ") white you use "pe" when it's a mix and you cannot separate the parts ("această plăcintă este pe jumătate coaptă"). It the present case it's obviously the second case.

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