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"He is half Portuguese and half American!"

Translation:El este pe jumătate portughez și pe jumătate american!

October 1, 2017



Elsewhere i think there is a question which uses un sfert for two nationalities and o jumatate for another - when would one use an indefinite article and when would one use pe in romanian? I used indefinite articles here and was marked wrong.


I am not sure there is a rule for this. I can confirm the sentence "el este jumătate portughez și jumătate american " is correct and largely used.


I think I myst have overlooked any teaching on pe with jumatate or are we just introducing this now and if so in what other contexts of any?


Imagine you want to divide something in two parts, like a piece of butter. You then have to use a knife ON the (maybe immaginary] line that marks that splits it in two equal parts. Similarly in Romanian you can have "a tăia pe jumătate " or "a împărți pe jumătate ".

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