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X with line at top of screen

There's an X with a line at the top of the screen. Clicking the X produces a dialog asking if I want to leave the page. What is this and how do I stop it from appearing?

Something about how the page looks makes me feel like I'm seeing a page meant for mobile even though I'm on desktop Chrome.

October 1, 2017



A New Look for Lessons on the Website


The line is the progress bar to show you how far through the activity you are. Press the X if you want to stop the activity and lose your progress on it.


Don't click it then; it's not hard.
There was a similar 'X' in the previous design that also produced such a dialogue box.


Do the exercise and watch the line as you go along. Don't click on the X unless you want to quit the exercise.


I see it being a progress bar now, but I don't recall seeing it change as I answered questions when I posted the question. It's possible I found it so bad looking in conjunction with the new terrible mobile optimized content senselessly displayed on a desktop page, and going to an ad at the bottom of the page first then jumping to the top of the page, I didn't even try to answer a question. I don't remember. Like many other sites, multiple device characteristics and fluid-dynamic-adaptive layout is resulting pages that are barely tolerable where they work best and much worse everywhere else.

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