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  5. "Protože jsi o mě nestála!"

"Protože jsi o nestála!"

Translation:Because you didn't care for me!

October 1, 2017



For what it's worth, my answer -- Because you didn't care ABOUT me -- was accepted.


What is the verb here supposed to be? Starat is supposed to be used with se, and the past participle of starat is staral, not stál as far as I can tell ffrom both the wiktionary and wiktionary.cz...


This is "stát (o někoho)", not "starat se (o někoho)". Two different verbs with somewhat different meaning. Stát o někoho is very often used about romantic relations like Ta dívka o mne nestojí! That girl does not care about me! That girl does not want me.

But also: Nestojím o tvé peníze! I do not care about your money! I do not want your money!


"Because you didn't take care of me" sounds more natural to me ("of" not "for")


Differences in meaning! That would be Protože jsi se o mě nestarala. There is a huge difference between 'take care of' and 'not care for.'


It's not quite as simple as that: 'take care of...' and 'care for...' are synonymous in your example as translations of 'starat se o...', even though they aren't synonymous in the original sentence where 'stát o...' represents a different meaning of 'care for...' in the sense of liking/loving something/someone.


So... starat se o = take care of and starat o = care about ??


For the record, see Vladafu's comment above: stát o = care about (not starat o).

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