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Why is the Hindi course in the incubator for such a long time?

title says it all

October 1, 2017



This is the course I want the most


Same. I am Hindustani, so it works.


It is not crashed, it is on the incubator, along with Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Klingon, Yiddish and Haitian Creole, those courses are still being builded, and the estimated date of release for Hindi is on April 2018.


Thanks but what I meant was: Why is the Hindi course in the incubator for such a long time?


I don't know, I think it has been there for 2 years, and the release date is always delayed, but, I think that after Duolingo releases Chinese, Japanese and Korean to the desktop, they are going to start working on Hindi and Arabic, I don't know where I swa that but as soon as I find the link I'll let you know.


Patrick Phang and Jules.F, I found the link for ya, https://www.forbes.com/sites/elaineramirez/2017/09/07/duolingo-korean-language-course-launch/4/#5930e415739f

''After launching Korean and Chinese, the company will turn its focus to Hindi and Arabic''


WAIT?!?!?!? ARABIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ermahgerd. Please be on the incubator before Christmas.


Bad news for ya then, LazyEinstein: It will only be started who knows how long after Chinese, and Chinese will not be released later then Christmas.


Patrick.- Being built, you mean.


OMG! That is amazing for people to selflessly do that. Props to the creators, and looking forward to learning this language!

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