"Jak toho člověka můžete poslouchat?"

Translation:How can you listen to that person?

October 1, 2017

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how do we know "toho"= that , in this sentence? Edit: and not "this" I have read the tips and I'm still confused


"this" points at something close to the speaker - this is expressed in Czech by demonstratives ending in the suffix "-to" (formal) or "-hle" (casual). So for example "tento"/"tenhle". In this sentence, it would be "tohoto" or "tohohle".

  • ten = that or the
  • tento = this
  • tenhle = this, casual ("hle" is an archaic word for "look")
  • tamten = that, that over there ("tam" means "there")
  • the "ten" part in the above is declined according to gender, number, and case


Two questions:

1) Can "člověk" be translated into English also as "man" or is it necessarily "person"? 2) How do you pronounce "ou" in "poslouchat"? Like "ou" in "jsou" or like "u" in "muž"? I’ve heard both versions on Duolingo so I want to be sure about that.


1) 'person', 'man', 'human'

2) ou in poslouchat is pronounced the same as in jsou

You are welcome.

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