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  5. "Kdy začal psát tu knihu?"

"Kdy začal psát tu knihu?"

Translation:When did he begin writing the book?

October 1, 2017



I am afraid I don't agree with Paul. As a native english speaker i would use either to write or writing in this context to mean the same thing. "To write" together with "began" is in general usage in the UK.


Oh, ok, so "start" can be followed by either infinitive or gerund with no difference in meaning? Good to know :-).


"When did he start to write that book?" is wrong?


if you want to use the verb start, then it should be: "When did he start WRITING that book?"


Sorry began to write is accepted. I noticed a t had found its way in front of he in my answer and i didn't notice it. Sorry Paul I also misread your post. Put it down to the vagaries of old age.


Thanks; but not being a native speaker I am completely bewildered now. What's correct out of (start / begin) × (infinitive / gerund)?


One year later, I suppose, Renardo_11, you probably have an answer, but for learners following in our footsteps, I'll answer:

As a native American English speaker, I would comfortably use both start and begin with either infinitive or gerund to mean the same thing. I think Brian G was saying the same thing.

Of course, if I were a MOD, I would refuse to accept the gerund form in this sentence because the infinitive form is used in the Czech. (I would be a nasty, mean and unpleasant MOD.) Of course, if I were a MOD, I'd also be frequently passed out in a corner with an empty wine bottle - broken in spirit by the demands of 400k+ users, and by the hundreds of translation variations to keep track of.

Merry Christmas to all, and three cheers for the MODs. If I knew how to deliver it, I'd buy you all a case of wine.

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