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"Mein Großvater ist aus Spanien."

Translation:My grandfather is from Spain.

October 1, 2017



Is not the same "grandparent" and "grandpa"?


No, "grandpa" means the same thing as "grandfather", which is you mom's father or your dad's father, whereas "grandparent" is the general term for a parent of a parent (not necessarily male, it could be your mom's mother or you dad's mother too).


In German, you would say "Großvater" for your grandfather/grandpa, and "Großelterntiel" to refer to a singular grandparent of either gender


I know that "ist" is for "is" in english but why we couldn't use "come from" ?


I wrote "my grandfather's from Spain" why wrong?


My grandfather is from Spain or My Grandfather is SPANISH. Why is the latter marked wrong. If you are from Germany, you are German, if you are from France you are French, if you are fromEngland you are English


That's just not the right translation.

"Mein Großvater ist aus Spanien." = "My grandfather is from spain."

"My Grandfather is spanish." = "Mein Großvater ist Spanier/spanisch."

You have nearly always more than one way to describe a particular situation. So it is possible to set different nuances of meaning.

Maybe the grandfather's parents were immigrants themselves and the grandfather wouldn't identify himself as a spaniard but as a reimmigrated german? Or it doesn't matter if the granfather is spanish or not because you only wanted to introduce why you know so much about a spanish region (where your grandfather once lived) for example.

You translate correctly if you stay as close as possible to the original text without blurring the meaning.


Why does this flag up "Grandad" as being incorrectly spelt as an answer?


Please, be reasonable. If my grandfather comes from Spain, he is Spanish. So 'My grandfather is Spanish.' is correct. It's not like 'The cheese comes from Bavaria.' which could mean it has transited via Bavaria, but you surely don't mean that the person's grandfather has come from elsewhere via Spain, do you?


What's the problem with: My grandfather's from Spain??


Could be that Duo isn't always equipped for conjunctions.


So, what will Duo accept for "Großvater" if you don't have something handy to type an Esset/ß? Because it ain't accepting Grossvater.

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