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Afrikaans for English Speakers?

I wish duolingo had Afrikaans lessons.to share the Afrikaans language with the world and make it possible that a lot of people especially from south africa could use duolingo to learn afrikaans. The south african school system isn't as well developed as western countries so duolingo could make a difference especially for poor people.

om die Afrikaanse taal met die wêreld te deel en dit moontlik te maak dat baie mense, veral uit Suid-Afrika, duolingo kan gebruik om Afrikaans te leer. Die Suid-Afrikaanse skoolstelsel is nie so goed ontwikkel as Westerse lande nie, dus Duolingo kan 'n verskil maak veral vir arm mense

October 1, 2017



I am a native Afrikaans speaker, and I have applied to contribute to a course here on Duolingo more than a year ago.


I think seeing that language would be neat


I think Mondly has an Afrikaans course.


How about reading before posting: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15014194 ? Afrikaans has been requested over and over and over.

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