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"A man who does not drink a bitter wine"

Translation:쓴 와인을 마시지 않는 한 남자

October 1, 2017



Can anyone help visualise how this works in English? "Bitter wine is not drunk by a/one man" is making me do some mental gymnastics!


Maybe in more figurative way...like "there are only 2 kinds of men, men who don't drink bitter wine, and men who drink everything" or maybe proverbial "a man who doesn't drink bitter wine is a man who has plans the next day."


I don't understand the place o "한" (contracted form of 하나, I guess) in this sentence. Can someone help me on this one? Thanks.


My understanding of this is that 한 is used to indicate "one" or "a" - so in this instance it is used to emphasise the quantity of the item in the sentence. In other words, "A man who does not drink A bitter wine" is the correct translation compared with "A man who does not drink bitter wine". Hope this makes sense!


In that case I could not translate this as "The man...". I do understand your point. Just don't think that "A" meaning "one" really makes any difference in this sentence. What I want to say is that there is no reason here to number the quantity of "man" I am talking about. Well... maybe they want to introduce the concept of "a" meaning "one", as it is done in English (e.g.: a hundred), but seems to be the other way around here.


What's the meaning of 쓴 here?


As far as I know... 쓰다 = to write, to be bitter. Then you add -ㄴ to the verb stem to transform it into an "adjective". I could be wrong, though. Not a Korean expert by any means hehe.


If you ever get confused with these type of phrases, just read them as they are. 주스 마시는 여자아이 = juice drinking girl (whick means girl drinking juice). In these types of phrases, you are describing the subject (in, "The girl drinking juice," you are describing the girl as "juice drinking." Make sense?). They can be kind of confusing, but I hope this helped a little.

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