"I run on Thursdays."

Translation:Corro i giovedì.

March 13, 2013

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This should be translated to "Corro il giovedì" or "Il giovedì corro".


"Thursdays" is plural "i giovedì" is plural. What's the issue with using the plural in Italian? I am curious. :)


Yes, but it's not translated literally in this case. :) The expression is "il giovedì" to imply "Thursdays", whereas if you just mean one Thursday, you just say "giovedì", without the article. E.g. "Il venerdì sera esco con gli amici" means: On Friday nights, I go out with friends. But "Venerdì sera esco con gli amici" means "On Friday night I'm going out with friends."


Both "il giovedì" and "i giovedì" can translate "Thursdays" from this point of view. If some of the options is not accepted, you can report it. :)


Really? I'm pretty sure that "i giovedì" is incorrect in this case.


Acturally when one say "corro I giovedì", this means he runs EVERY Thursday. While "corro giovedì"...it only means "I run this Thursday."

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