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  5. "Jaký mají dům?"

"Jaký mají dům?"

Translation:What kind of house do they have?

October 1, 2017



How would you translate “What house do they have” or is that not proper English?


I don't know. Isn't that more like "which house"?


"What is their house like?" also seems correct


Presumably this small difference: Jaký mají dům? - What kind of house do they have? Jaký je její dům? - What is their house like?


Just a small correction:

Jaký je její dům? = What is her house like?

Jaký je jejich dům? = What is their house like?


That ("What is their house like?") is also accepted.


"What house do they have" and "What kind of house do they have" are the same, arent they? In both cases "what" means "jaký"


FWIW, to my native AmE ear, in the question "What house do they have?," the meaning of "what" is more like "which" than like "what kind of." "What house do they have?" is not an accepted translation.


"Which house do they have?" Its the same thing,why isnt correct?


Nope it is not the same thing in English. And it has a different Czech translation, that is "Který dům mají?".


this is a nom. sg correct? based on what i learned from the notes....


No, dům here is accusative singular, it is an object.


Is there any difference in connotation if the order was "Jaký dům mají?" ?


Why is this not "Jakého mají dům"? There does not appear to be enough words here as the literal translation is

"What do they have house?"

Therefore I believed the answer to be "What house do they have?"


"jakého" (mladého, starého, nového... etc.) is the accusative masculine animate form. "Dům" is inanimate, so you need "jaký" here. There are sort of four genders in Czech. I don't quite understand the rest of your query.


Dům is masculine inanimate. And it's accusative. Jakého would be correct for animate nouns. I think. (Beginner myself, just trying to help)


Is the sentence structure in Czech like that? Like, putting the noun at the end of the sentence, or do they happen to put verbs at the end of the sentences, too. I'm wondering what's the most common thing to do.


We put at the end what we want to stress the most, what the new/key information is. Longer sentences have many possible word orders, each expressing something slightly different, unlike in English where the word order is very rigid.

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