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The Bible in 50+ languages


I like to look through the German one and see how many words I know. If you can't find the language you want, tell me and I'll try to find a website for it. Have fun!

October 1, 2017



https://bible.com/ has around 1,000 languages I think.


Awwww dude that's so sweet! Here's a lingot


I've heard that bibles are being made in more and more languages


Another site worth checking out is Bible.is. They have many audio recordings of both (Hebrew and Greek) editions and a wide variety of translations/versions. You can always stream the audio, but they also offer downloads of many different bibles on their apps and, up to three different versions (for free), on the web. http://www.bible.is/

Below are some of the best recordings that I've heard for anyone interested in Biblical Hebrew (& Aramaic), Modern Hebrew, and Koine Greek. For the sake of simplicity, I used the abbreviations H for 'Hebrew-Aramaic' and G for 'Greek' combined with the abbreviations OT for 'Old Testament' (a.k.a., 'Hebrew-Aramaic Scriptures' or 'Tanakh') and NT for 'New Testament' (a.k.a., 'New Covenant').

HOT read by Dan Be'eri (incomplete):


HOT read by Abraham Shmuelof:


HOT & HNT (translation/version) (Dramatized and Undramatized) by the Bible Society in Israel.

HOT & HNT (Dramatized):



HNT (Dramatized):



HNT (Undramatized): 


GNT read by Theo Karvounakis (Scrivener 1881[?]):

Direct link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/beoqrdw8zkq1ahr/BAvUT71UCX 

Bitly: http://bit.ly/KoineGreekNT-mp3 

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL40D66708671D260F 

Blog post: https://christthetruth.wordpress.com/2012/06/23/free-greek-audio-bible/ 

GNT read by Apostolos Vavylis (Ancient 1904 Ecumenical Patriarchal Text):


GOT (translation[s]/version[s]) and 'Apocrypha' read by Apostolos Vavylis (Septuaginta LXX):


A number of Greek recordings are posted here:




One last note: Randall Buth's materials are excellent for anyone interested in biblical-language fluency, although most of them are not free. He's a linguist, translator, and biblical scholar living in Israel.



No Circassian, Ossetic or Kazakh Bible?? I'm sad. At least they have 22 Quechua bibles <3


Yeah, not every language is on there. Some may exist, but there are still living languages out there without a Bible, so shrug. The demographics of the communities speaking those languages likely haven't put them on the top of the priority list of the translators, who have finite resources. One day there will probably be a Bible in those languages if there isn't already one somewhere else. I see 1,137 languages as an impressive collection anyway, and there are some languages that have a Bible that aren't on the app (like ASL, I believe).


Have they translated the Bible into Eskimo? I was reading a book about some missionaries to the Eskimo people, but there was no complete translation.


Well, I don't believe “Eskimo” is a language, but my Bible app has Iñupiaq, Inupiatun Northwest Alaska, Inuktitut Labrador, and Central Yup'ik, to name a few (some of these don't have full Bible translations, but two did, I think). Eskimo-Aleut is a language family, so there probably many smaller languages which have no Bible translation.


I didn't know that there was a so many different languages that Eskimos speak, but yeah, that is what i mean't.


I assume you mean Inuktitut, and there probably is a version


Wow this is awesome. I always wanted to read the Bible in German. I didn't realize Bible Gateway had it in German. YEE HAA.


I have found listening to the audio for some of the translations valuable. When reading the Bible, however, it is important to remember that it is a translation (unless you are reading the original Koine Greek, Biblical Hebrew, and Aramaic). Things might not be said in a way that fluent speakers would say it, kind of like how reading the Bible in English can be weird sometimes because of how English tends to structure things differently than the original languages.


There are websites that have the Bible in lots of other languages and they have it not only in print but you can listen to it, as well.


My parents have an Aussie and then a Hawaiian-Pidgeon bible. They crack me up.

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