"Hledám tu věc, protože ji potřebuju."

Translation:I am looking for the thing because I need it.

October 1, 2017

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I translated this as "i am looking for that thing because I need her", which was accepted. However that answer shouldn't be accepted as it doesn't make sense in English


'Why are you looking for the scrap of paper on which she wrote her new telephone number?' 'I am looking for that thing because I need her'.
Could this sentence work this way in Czech? Or can 'ji' only refer back to 'věc' even in such a context?


You are looking for that thing becaise you need your wife who told you to find it...


Domnívám se , že "potřebuji" je vhodnější . . .


Proč je to: 'tu' věc a ne, 'ta' věc? Jaký je důvod?

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