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  5. "Ma'am, am I cute?"

"Ma'am, am I cute?"

Translation:아주머니, 제가 귀엽습니까?

October 1, 2017



Can i say 제가 and 저는 here?


One or the other or you could even leave it out if it is obvious you are talking about yourself.


Yes, yes u r lil mochi


Yes, Duo, you are XD


Me to me: No My sister to me: YES! TAKE BACK WHAT YOU SAID! YOU ARE ADORABLE! (I litterally said "am i cute, no" out loud and she responded with that xD)


Thats SOO my older sis


아주머니 disgusted


Wgste tge difference between 제가 and 저는?


제가 = 저 + subject particle 가

저는 = 저 + topic particle 는

The subject particle marks the subject of a verb.

In very simple sentences, the topic particle can replace the subject particle with the same overall meaning, but possible subtle differences based on context. 남자가 먹습니다 (the man eats) vs 남자는 먹습니다 (the man eats or a man eats or men eat or as for this man in particular, he eats etc).

However, the topic particle takes on different uses in more complex grammar. It's best to initially translate it as "as for X" to get the general meaning of the sentence before smoothing it into a natural sounding English translation.

A simple example is verbs that can't take objects. 저는 사과가 좋습니다 (as for me, the apple is good = I like the apple).


Hell yeah I am. No need to ask. My aegyo will surprise you. Well I'm not better than Jimin though!


When am I ever going to use this sentence? rolls eyes


LOL... shameless


Never ask a girl, or a lady this kind of questions, especially when you are not a guy LOL


Why is it not okay to use 내가 in this sentence?

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