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  5. "Do bears live in Bohemia?"

"Do bears live in Bohemia?"

Translation:Žijou v Čechách medvědi?

October 1, 2017



How does one know when the word Čechy means Bohemia and when it is Czechia? By the way is it true that actually Czech people do not like when their country is referred to as Czechia?


It is very complicated even for Czechs. The Czech Republic (Česká republika) has three parts: Čechy, Morava and Slezsko. The name Bohemia has its origin in Latin - Boemorum. The correct short name of Česká republika is Česko like another countries Polsko, Německo, Slovensko, Rusko etc.


See https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/24840848/%C4%8Cechy-jsou-na-z%C3%A1pad%C4%9B-%C4%8Ceska Čechy should always mean Bohemia, never Czechia (Česko), although you might someone using these names in a sloppy way.

There was enough discussion about the name Czechia already. See https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/26394202/V-%C4%8Cesku-%C5%BEije-jen-jedno-procento-N%C4%9Bmc%C5%AF or https://www.reddit.com/r/czech/comments/599z0a/nobody_is_calling_it_czechia/ or in any other places here on Duolingo. See sentence discussions under sentences that contain "Czechia".

There is no point opening another discussion about liking and disliking here. We have had enough already.


Thanks for the strings. I find them useful. Please, note that the Duolingo discussions in question refer to the sentences which, I guess, are further in the course, so I just didn't come across them by now.

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