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(Updated) 2017-10-01: End of the Streak Hall of Fame weekly updates?

Update: Thanks for the positive comments and the lingots. I hadn't seen the Forum Maintenance post that Jersebas linked to below. It's possible the forums have already been updated to the new system, at least for some of us. I will wait until October 3 and see if I can figure out what has changed. This will be the first Sunday the SHoF hasn't been published since I took over. I apologize for the unexpected absence, especially for those who just joined or graduated this week.

A few hours ago, I ran my script to create the weekly SHoF. It failed. I waited a couple of hours, then ran it again. It failed again.

The forums seem to be working, so it doesn't seem to be a result of Duolingo server problems, which have been common lately.

I did some preliminary research and it appears that Duolingo has made some changes to the internals of the forums.

The weekly posts get about a 20-40 positive vote balance per week. So I'm questioning whether it's worth the effort to see if I can adapt the script to the changes.

While I decide whether to try to fix the problem, here's a site I found that has a different rendering of the SHoF. It's not associated with Duolingo, as far as I know, and I don't know who is responsible for it:


I've done more than 80 updates, every Sunday since I took over from Jiten. I hope they have been useful in some of your journeys towards fluency.

No pretendas que las cosas ocurran como tú quieres. Desea, más bien, que se produzcan tal como se producen, y serás feliz. -- Epícteto

October 1, 2017

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Your work with the hall of fame is deeply appreciated, and I hope the SHoF can somehow continue so that it is still regularly posted to Duolingo forums.

If the changes that caused your script to fail do not effect the duolingo.eu site, and that one is still updated regularly, then I guess one option would be to simply refer to that site. However, in case your script is/can be made public, there will quite likely be volunteers for investigating what broke and how to fix it.


I really like your work, do not give up, friend force!


I hope you will keep this going if it is possible and if the strain on your time and energy is not too great. I've appreciated seeing it. It feels nostalgic and is also fun for many community members among those here long term and the newly arrived. :)


I feel kinda unlucky that it happens on the exact same day I could have joined the SHoF, but I must say that your work is appreciated and we owe you so much for everything you do!


We can't have you feeling unlucky =) Here's our own comment-thread-SHoF to see if the basics are still possible (and they seem to be... so far...)

1164 Utnapis
782 NeonMoogle (DE)
527 alHadzya (DE, TR, HE)
443 Jersebas
396 SaraGalesa
376 DovahFerret
335 kellie817752
300 Petrichor876

Not Anymore/Yet =)

242 LeonardoN.M (EN, DE, ES, FR)
212 Arachnje
81 Duo.....
19 Usagiboy7 (ES)
0 EliasPitts

@Cleeent, while playing with this I noticed Duo has not all language-data for all users? Now and then I can see a person being level 25 in a language but it isn't in their data?!? Could be if somebody is switching between base languages (doing reverse trees?!?) Did you find a way around that? Also, is it possible to check whether someone has a golden owl or a regular owl? duolingo.eu has a counter for golden owls but Ii can't see any value representing that...

Fun stuff to play with =)

Edit: tricky stuff Markdown, anybody know why my links are grey and not blue?


Glad you're having fun and thanks for your research :)

See the FAQ and its comments for discussion on the level 25 stuff.

I think the .eu site is using the extended profiles to get the information. Here's yours:


I just use the comments in the archived and current sign up threads because it's much quicker when I run my script compared to loading more than 1,000 pages.


Thanks for pointing me to the FAQ! I glanced at it before but I must have missed that part =)

I can understand why you're using the sign-up threads only, I used the extended ones as well so I can image what loading more than 1000 pages will take hehe (although the extended info contains some interesting stuff for sure)

Once again, your work is much appreciated and I hope you get it fixed after the 3rd! Looking forward to the next SHoF with hopefully my first flag =) Let us know if you need assistance! =)

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I don't even see how you guys get a dump of the comments to base the list of in the first place. Do you start out by just taking a dump from the source in the browser?

Or do you have some secret insights in the internal API used by duolingo to pull all the comments out of a thread?


Woah, surprised to see my name on there, not sure why though!

And they're gray in comments and blue in discussions.


Because you posted in this thread, which I used as the "sign-up" page =p And thanks for pointing out the difference between blue/grey links!


Thanks, and no problem!


'did'? I think you should say 'do'


My bad, thanks for correcting me. But I also meant what he did in the past cuz he did a lot


allright, I understand now!


Your efforts are certainly appreciated and I would love to keep seeing the SHoF in the future! Keep in mind though that more changes to the forum are coming this week: Forum Maintenance Notice so if you plan/decide to update your script (with or without volunteers, which I'm indeed certain you would be able to get) you might want to wait on that and see what those changes are first! =)


A few lingots of appreciation, but more importantly thank you for doing the work every week. It has always been fun going through the list and seeing hows everyone doing.


So we'll no longer get the SHoFs? NOOOOO! If it's ever possible, please return them! I've really enjoyed reading them.

But thank you for all your work making the list every Sunday. I really appreciate it, and I've really enjoyed them. Thank you cleeent!


I don't think this is the last of SHoFs, Woof., but I still hope the problem will be fixed.


I hope you can continue with the SHoF because, like many other people, I really appreciate it! It's fun to see everyone's streaks.

By the way, is it possible that the thread got too long so the script couldn't work? I don't know really anything about computing (sadly), but I'm just trying to think of reasons why it wouldn't work.


If it turns out possible, I would love to see the SHoF continue. It's been inspiring and encouraging to see the efforts and commitment made by other users, and I greatly appreciate the work you've been doing to give visibility to those efforts.


Oh no =( I really enjoyed those every week! Boo. Thanks for doing them though =)


Thank you so much Cleëent for your eighty weeks of dedication...it has been truly appreciated and I for one would be very sad to see it go. Every Sunday it has helped me to feel more connected to the large community of Duo language enthusiasts across the United States and around the world. It gave me a little extra push to keep my streak going day by day and week by week. It encouraged me to try increasing my proficiency across multiple languages...and I smile when I think of plátanos...


Thanks for the work you've done up to now.


Can you tell me how to join the SHoF? I have tried to figure it out with no success. Thanks.


Thank you for your time in creating the Streak Hall of Fame these past many weeks. It was instrumental in my developing a habit of going to DL almost every day! :)


I'm not listed at 408?


To be included on the Streak Hall of Fame, there is a separate sign-up post which is used to create the Streak Hall of Fame. Had you signed up previously? :)


For the record: I appreciate the Streak Hall of Fame and your efforts to maintain it... It's a great motivator!


I don't generally upvote it, but I do quite like it, once I passed 250 I've been counting down to getting on the hall of fame, it's a great motivator, especially on the days I feel bad.

If it's not worth your time/energy I totally understand, I would like to know if someone knows who runs the website and how sign up there works, if you decide not to keep up this version anymore.

Whether or not you do all your efforts are appreciated.


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https://duolingo.eu/ had to change its domain name to https://duome.eu/

Background information in

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