"He did not understand what had happened."

Translation:Nechápal, co se stalo.

October 1, 2017

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"Nerozumel, co se stalo" was marked incorrect. Can anyone help me understand the difference between rozumet and chapat? I thought chapat was more colloquial, a little more like "I get it"... but I'm not really sure.


Obojí je správně (Both are corect) Sorry for my bad English


The issue is, that rozumět is usually used with an object in dative and I like "Rozuměl tomu, co se stalo." much more. But the valence dictionary does explicitly list "rozumíš už, co se stalo?" as an example, so I will add your answer.

And actually, we also have a typo in our answers, so we do not currently accept even "Nerozuměl tomu, co...", I will fix that too.

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