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  5. "Co děláš, zatímco já dělám?"

"Co děláš, zatímco dělám?"

Translation:What do you do while I work?

October 1, 2017


[deactivated user]

    I’ve never heard anybody say “delat” for “to work”...


    Ale ano, v ČJ namísto "pracovat" můžeme použít i "dělat". Je to celkem běžné. Ta věta je moc povedená. Taková hra se slovíčky.


    In the course, "dělat" very often is translated with the meaning of "to work." I THINK it was described in another discussion as (sort of) colloquial but often used.


    Is there a reason why while I am working is not accepted? Is it because of the aspect (non perfective)?


    Oh, hmm, good question. I'm following this discussion. Aspect is the thing I most struggle with with Czech.


    "What are you doing while I am working" is accepted.


    Am I correct in assuming that both verbs are the same but different conjugation? Thx


    Yes. Dělat is the infinitive; the first form is second second person singular, and the last is first person singular.

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