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Can I buy a streak freeze every day for 10 days to preserve my streak?

I am planning a holiday totally without internet reception. Can I ask someone to log in for me each day and buy a streak freeze for the next day? I think it won't work as one cannot buy another streak freeze when one has one already in place, and once the day has passed so the streak freeze has been used, buying a streak freeze then won't protect that day but only the next.

My friend might be willing to buy streak freezes for me, but I am sure they would not be prepared to do any French for me.

Anyone agree with me that getting a friend to log in and buy streak freezes won't preserve my streak?

Has anyone worked out a way of taking a holiday where there is no reception without losing the streak?

I am now quite keen on making it a 365 day streak even though I have used my streak freeze twice both times due to DL and or internet slowness in recording. I am so close to doing it I just meant to get there now. I don't need 1000 day streak and when I started never expected a 365 day streak.

October 1, 2017



If you have enough Lingots it should be possible. But you'll depend entirely on your friend remembering to buy them every day; one day missing it, and you'd be out.


Yes, in theory, it is absolutely possible to buy a streak freeze every day for 10 days, though like you said, you would need to log in every day to purchase a streak freeze. It would maintain your streak. It wouldn't be cheating since streak freezes don't extend your streak, just prevent you from losing it. Though I would be wary of sharing your sign-in information with anyone. However, that's up to you.


If you know someone who knows French, or someone who can do a lesson for you (like redoing the first lesson in the first skill so it'll be easy) that you trust enough to give them your password so each day they'll log in to do it. However, I strongly discourage it as it seems sort of like cheating to me, as then you'll have a streak when you didn't really keep it up.


I am not talking about cheating, only preserving the streak I have. I am not increasing my XP. If I were at home, I could log in each day to freeze my streak if it works.

I have just thought. Maybe I should join again with another name and see if it works. Not cheating in any way. Oh, and I have more lingots(955) than I can use and give away, so spending 10 a day would be no problem.

However, joining with another name would mean that I will have to get about 30 lingots before trying it out. I would want to try buying a freeze e days in a row to see if it works for me.

Another thought, I could try it out by giving my new self 30 lingots if my new self starts discussion. At least this experiment could be a useful use of the lingots!!!

Edit.... I have read all the posts, but it does seem to me that you have to wait for a steak to actually expire prior to buying the next. A small scientific experiment on this will let me know how to advise my friend if they are willing to help me out. And of course I can let you all know. Not quite sure when I'll get around to it, though. It's just a bit of fun. If I lose my streak, so be it. People who never spend time away from connectivity when they have an opportunity to do so are probably rather sad people. I am not talking about people who cannot get away from connectivity.


I've used Streak Freeze before, and here's how it works: On Day 1, you do no French but buy a Streak Freeze. The Streak Freeze will last until you run out of time (your time left for the day is displayed). So you do not have to do any French on the day you buy a Streak Freeze. Seriously, I've tried it. Though it was risky, I now know that you can buy a Streak Freeze on the day you do nothing on DuoLingo.


If you trust your close friend, Anne, you should be able to have him or her preserve your streak: Each day, he or she should buy a streak freeze at the time they will be least busy. When you come back, you will have lost several lingots (70 every week). However, You should do it if you care so much about your streak. But I advise you to preserve your lingots and lose the streak. You don't want to lose those lingots... unless they are no good!

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