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"You are not understood"


October 1, 2017



The answer should be hueleweki


Yeah, I just looked up "-someka" and this sentence means more like "you are unreadable/illegible/indecipherable" ... I don't know if that can figuratively be used for people as in English ("I can't read you" ie. "I can't get a sense for what you're thinking or feeling by looking at you.") or if it's only for writing.


"Hueleweki" is the best and simplest answer for this question. "Husomeki" is a figurative use of the verb kusomeka and one should not be marked wrong for NOT choosing this translation. "Hufahamiki" may be a possibility, but as it also could mean "You are not known", it is probably not the best choice, either.

Please include "Hueleweki" in the list of correct answers.


I agree. One or two sentences before we learnt that.

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