"You are not understood"


October 1, 2017

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The answer should be hueleweki


Yeah, I just looked up "-someka" and this sentence means more like "you are unreadable/illegible/indecipherable" ... I don't know if that can figuratively be used for people as in English ("I can't read you" ie. "I can't get a sense for what you're thinking or feeling by looking at you.") or if it's only for writing.


It's correct, very correct. Though as long as you speak English it can never make sense

[deactivated user]

    "Hueleweki" is the best and simplest answer for this question. "Husomeki" is a figurative use of the verb kusomeka and one should not be marked wrong for NOT choosing this translation. "Hufahamiki" may be a possibility, but as it also could mean "You are not known", it is probably not the best choice, either.

    Please include "Hueleweki" in the list of correct answers.


    I agree. One or two sentences before we learnt that.

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