"If you had not come, you would not have been gone"

Translation:Msingalikuja msingalienda

October 1, 2017

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I've seen already almost everything from Duolingo's collection =D Watching back in time I regret that I didn't note these " jewels". =D


I can't wrap my mind around the english sentence. I think that can only happen in some kind of alternate universe?


I think it's supposed to be "if you had not come (here), you would not have (ultimately) gone (to that place).

As for what it actually says, I suppose if you never came here you wouldn't have been gone, because you were never here to be gone from here in the first place. Or something.


Hmmm....so maybe "if you had (never) come (here), you would (never) have been gone (from here)? Still sounds like some deep philosophical statement best left on a fortune cookie!


I think the "been gone" is the bit that's tripping you up. That's an error. It's "If you hadn't come, you wouldn't have gone," which is a bit of a weird sentence but with the right surrounding context it's fine.

If I got this sentence in a fortune cookie, I'd be really confused, lol.


Lol, I've had a few of those fortunes! Seriously, the mis-used "been"s have been giving me a lot of much needed mirth! Have you seen the "if you had not cooked you would not have been eaten"? Or my favorite, "If you had not gone you would not have been slept"?


I've seen "if you had not cooked you would not have been eaten." It's one of my favorites.

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