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  5. "가람 씨, 뭘 원해요?"

"가람 씨, 원해요?"

Translation:Garam, what do you want?

October 1, 2017



I heard once that this verb (원하다) is not really that used commonly among koreans, but instead they used the "~고 싶다" to say what they want. For example, let's say you want an apple, so "사과를 먹고 싶어요?". I heard that from Talk To Me In Korean, the Youtube channel. I hope someone finds it helpful


....고 싶다 is an expression showing a desire to do something. It needs to be attached to a verb. 원하다 is a verb by itself and just expresses wanting something. For example "사과를 먹고 싶어요" means "I want to eat an apple" but 사과를 원해요" means "I want an apple"


The real question is who is Garam


In hindi, garam means hot. So it is Mr. Hot


I know someone named Garam


Is there any difference between 뭘 and 무엇?


뭘 = contraction of 무엇을 (what as object)


Does this mean that 뭐 and 무엇 are the same?


Yes, the meaning is the same. Keep in mind that 뭐 is less formal than 무엇, though.


뭘 is the same as 무엇을


뭘 has the object marking particle -를 conjugated, so it is used when 'what' is the object of the sentence. 무엇/뭐/뭐가 is the subject of a sentence.


뭘 is contraction of 무엇을 (what as object)


뭘 is a contraction of 무엇을 I think.


"What do you want?" in English can sometimes sound rude, so could we include the translation, "What would you like?"


is Garam a male-only name? it does not accept miss or ms., while the hints show it...


'what would you like' sounds more polite than 'what do you want'


For those who are curious, 가람 is most commonly used as a name for men rather than for women.


가람 씨 must be really annoyed after so many questions....


I assume by omitting the subject in the sentence that Mr. Garam is being asked that it makes him the subject of the sentence directly.


Correct, that's why they said 씨 to address him


garam wants to stop being abused by duolingo


가람 씨, 뭐 고싶어요? Is it wrong to use this?


고 싶어요 is only for verbs


You can use 갖고 싶어요 with nouns. This way of saying "I want.." is much more common than 원해요 (By the way, 원해요 sounds kind of poetic in my opinion and you would only use it if you REALLY want something or someone, if you long for something or someone. It has a stronger feeling).

Example using 갖고 싶어:

그 원피스 진짜 갖고 싶어 (I really want that dress)


Yes because ~고 싶어요 needs a verb stem to go with it. For example, 막다 means to eat and to make 막다 a verb stem you need to remove ~다 and you're left with 막. Now for the sentence you used it would be 가람 씨, 뭐 먹고 싶어요? Meaning "Garam what do you want to eat?" Hope this helps clear things up a bit


Actually ~고 싶다 is used just for verbs. For example "당신은 마시고 싶어요?" (Do you want to drink?)


I think 고 is a suffix for verbs. "~고 싶어요" means "want to do ~" and can't be used for objects


Yes, that verb mostly used with other verbs as "to want to do sth"


I'd say it should be, but I'm not fluent. 가람 씨, 뭐 원하고 싶어요? I just think that the 고 particle should be used after the verb (after dropping the 다) and before 시퍼요.


That would translate to: "Garam, what do you want to want?" Kind of weird if you ask me.


I think it would be incorrect because 싶어요 means want to do something and 원해요 means want something, a thing, an object.


What's the difference with miss and mr.? How could I know? The context proved nothing.


Since when does 씨 means only Mr.?


”Mr. Garam, how may I help/assist you” sounds more polite in English


is 원하다 turns in to 원해요in this polite mood in the question form? how about the "세요" after the verb? we don't use it this time?


It's clearly Mr. Garam but there's no word tab for Mr.


I said Ms. Garam and it was marked wrong.


A scene from Partners in Crime. Next victim's home?

가람? Are you still here? Who is there?

누구 거가에? [ A door creaks]

누구세요? [Menacing music]

Oh, it's you, the best of NFS! 가람 씨, 뭘 원해요?

OMG!!! Am I finished? Why are you always on time! But, of course!

Garam leaves with a smile on his face. Café Bulgogi's nuna makes the best veggie soup in Pine Bluff.

... 그러나 물론입니다!


I think "Karam" "Kalam" "Galam" should also be acceptable spellings of the name. Also I'd say 가람 is usu. a male name so the module should also accept "Mr" Garam

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