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Changes to Duolingo format

Dear Duolingo, Are you aware that the recent changes you have made to your website mean that it will no longer open in Internet Explorer? I can now only open it using Google Chrome. Can you please make it compatible with the other browsers. Thanks.

October 1, 2017



Duolingo does not support outdated browsers.

Microsoft has stopped the safety updates of Internet explorer. Your computer is in serious danger, if you use an outdated browser!


Really? That's pretty odd... I think this is a technical issue that needs to be addressed, unless it's not actually caused by Duolingo's new format. For the meantime, it may just be best to use Google Chrome, or any other browser that Duolingo is compatible with. Hopefully, your issue can be resolved and you will be able to use your preferred browser!


Still working with Firefox (not speech API).

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