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  5. "신발을 신어보세요."

"신발을 신어보세요."

Translation:Try on the shoes.

October 1, 2017



I don't know if someone asked already on any lesson but.. Can someone please explain to me about the 보세요? I noticed verbs combined with 보세요 like here with 신어 [신다 (to try on/wear)]. Does it mean "to try something"? Like 드셔보세요 = try it (food/eat it?). Can someone please enlighten me?


You're exactly right.


Just to add: in a more general sense it is used to soften a request that you make to someone. e.g. 먹어 is like a command to eat whereas 먹어봐 is more of a suggestion.


Yes, verb stem +아/어 보다 is a construction that means to try doing s.th. Works with other levels of formality too


Read here about compound verbs: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/ko/Compound-Verbs/tips-and-notes. In the case of 보다, it's similar to the direct translation of "to see ...". In other words:

Let's try the food.
Let's see how the food is.
음식을 먹다 + 보다.
음식을 먹어봐요.


can i ask what is the difference between 신어보세요 and 입어보세요? both mean to try clothes on.


신다 is for shoes, socks, stockings, and such. 입다 is for shirts, pants, dresses, etc. 쓰다 is for hats. 하다 is for earrings. 차다 is for watches. 끼다 is for gloves.


Please? Where are your manners? 'Please try on the shoes' should also be accepted


보세요 is a connective that denotes suggesting a certain action. It is attached to verbs.

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