"The girl is at her home."

Translation:La fille est chez elle.

October 1, 2017

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Need some help here. What's the proper use of chez, why does elle come after it (chez)?


Chez means "at" or "in the home/business" of someone. "Chez elle" means at her home. It is used in conjunction with a person and not a place. For example you can say: Je suis chez le pharmacien. I am at the pharmacist's. However, you cannot say: Je suis chez la pharmacie. Here "la pharmacie" is a place "the pharmacy" and not a person. Instead it would be written: Je suis à la pharmacie.

Basically chez + person

chez moi, chez ma sœur, chez eux, chez le médecin, chez la boulangère, etc.


Plus 'chez soi' for reflexive situations involving the third person.


at home=a la maison; why not "a sa maison" here?


à sa maison would usually be interpreted as "to her house". Je vais aller à sa maison / I am going to (his/her) house.

To mean she's home at her house, you'd say "chez elle" or "dans sa maison".


Also, the definite article is often used in lieu of the possessive pronoun where the object referred to is the person's own, e.g. Je me brosse les dents.

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