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Unable to access duolingo's homepage.

I've been using duolingo for more than three months. For the past two days I have not been able to open their homepage on my MacBook. This isn't a login problem since I can access the site on my iPad and log in, which means it's not a router problem either. I tried to access duolingo's home page on my husband's PC and also my Dell laptop also with no success. It's as if something is blocking me from accessing the site. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, how did you resolve it?

October 1, 2017



Hi jam2955 I have had the same problem as you for the last couple of days. I could not access the homepage on any of the iOS devices using Safari and on my laptop with Internet Explorer. I finally tried using Google Chrome on the laptop and wouldn't you know it, it worked again. So if you want the easy fix, download Chrome and try using it. Still can't access homepage on the iOS devices but then again I've got the app for those devices. Good luck with it.


Yes, installing Google Chrome seems to have worked. At least on our PC. Thanks for the suggestion. I haven't installed it on my MacBook yet. But hopefully it will work there too.


I think if you add this to troubleshooting you get a better response, i'm not sure what the issue is.


How are you accessing Duo on your iPad? Are using the app or the browser?

Have you tried using a different browser? You could try Chrome which is preferable to Safari as Safari does not support the latest multi media API which Duo is now using (or that was the case a couple of months ago when Duo released their new web site).


Thanks. I've posted the problem to troubleshooting as suggested.

I access the site through my browser on my iPad rather than an app. I don't have Google Chrome but I'll give it a try. It's odd that this is happening on more than one of our computers. Local friends have no problem accessing the homepage.


I have that problem on my iMac. In Safari preferences select privacy, and click the details button or manage website data button (depending on version.) Search for Duolingo data and delete it. That will open the site. Note: you will have to login again.

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