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The #sg-error

I often finish skills everyday on DuoLingo. I used to get 250 XP per day, but now I stick around 10-50, so I can stay gold around the most important parts of the tree. Sometimes when I finish skills I do not get them gold, even though I only do 20 or so questions (which should allow you to 'golden' it). There's an #end-error or #sg-error. Then I have to re-practice the skill, and it might happen again... please comment and help everyone! (As always, everyone, I will give a lingot to the best answers if worth it.)

October 1, 2017

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I've been getting the #end-error as well. Just now, I left a lesson to load for 18 minutes after I finished it, hoping that it could possible finish loading, and it has landed at the #end-error. :/

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