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  5. "노래와 춤"

"노래와 "

Translation:Song and dance

October 1, 2017



Sing and dance was incorrect


노래 = song (n.) 노래하다 / 노래를 부르다 = sing (v.)


Sing and dance, as such, are verbs, and would likely be translated here using the 십시오 imperative form. However, 노래 와 춤 are nouns, as in "Song and dance play a big role in Korean culture."


Because it's incorrect


I believe the verb "to sing" is different than the word 노래


Seems so, song and dance sounds really weird.


"Song and dance" is a correct phrase in English, and is used as part of an idiomatic expression, "the whole song and dance", or "all that song and dance", to refer to seemingly unnecessary talk or action before getting to the task at hand.


It's "Song and dance"


"with animal" was also an option!


How is "a song and dance" different from "song and dance"?


In a word, countability.

In English, putting an article like "a/an" or "the" with a noun implies there is only one of the noun. Omitting the article on a singular noun, like "song" or "dance", makes it uncountable; it transforms the noun from a discrete object or objects of which one can count individuals (one song, two songs, etc.) into a collective stuff you can have a little or a lot of (like water, or sugar, or molasses; you can't usually drink "a water", but you can drink some or a lot of water).

Thus, "song and dance" refers more generally to singing and dancing than to a specific song or a specific dance; "there was song and dance before the fireworks" means some people did some singing and some dancing before the fireworks, whereas "there was a song and a dance before the fireworks" means one song was sung and one dance was danced before fireworks happened.


what part of this is "and" ?


I thinking it is the particle "와" = wa. My guess, as it's inserted in the word with the purpose to follow one of Korean's characteristics, the agglutination in words


My guess would be the particle "와" = wa, so it would fulfill one of Korean's features, which is the agglutination of words


I wrote music and dance and it got it wrong. argh


is 노래 pronounced norae or dorae? (because the audio sounds like dorae to me but the letter used is n)


its norae but it sounds like dorae...for confirming it, try papago naver translate and listen the audio over there


i put song and dance and it said the correct answer was "Song and dance"


Lmao you dont want to hear or see me dance or sing lol


I used the sillybal for sleep by accident and it counted as correct... Is that correct?


Same ole' no-rae wa chum

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