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  5. "Why is your car small?"

"Why is your car small?"

Translation:Proč je tvoje auto malé?

October 1, 2017


[deactivated user]

    Why not "Proc je malé tvoje auto?"


    Proč "proč tvoje auto je malé" není spravne?


    Není to správně protože ve větě začínající proč, jak,atd. slovo "je" musí být na druhém místě. (In sentences which begin with Why, How, ... the word "je" have to be on second place.)


    Same sentence structure as English applies here. You wouldn't say "Why your car is small?", you would say "Why IS your car small?". But this is clearly for purely learning, considering no one would ever ask that question like that. How would one answer that anyway? "Cause I couldn't afford a bigger one?" haha

    If anything, one would ask "Why do you have a small car?"...Because I prefer it; better mileage; etc.


    is proc je tve auto male ? also correct?


    (In sentences which begin with Why, How, ... the word "je" have to be on second place.) I'm getting this from someone else's comment. So is this the case with other sentences starting with the "question" words: Proc, Kde, Jak, Jaky, Ci, Co, etc.?


    In this sentence, the second position is the only reasonable one. Some sentences work even with other positions, but until you begin to feel how those other positions modify the meaning, stick to the the second position.

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