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What languages do you think are most likely to come next?

Salve! It's Duo..... (woof) and I have a game/poll/survey/whatever you want to call it. What languages do you think are most likely to come next? I'm assuming you know about Indonesian, Klingon, Hindi, and of course, Chinese. Some of you might know about Arabic and Zulu. But what about for other courses? What other languages do you think will be added next?

I think probably Catalan for English, Swedish for Spanish, Turkish for Russian, Vietnamese for Chinese, English for Swahili, English for Guarani, Chinese for Spanish and/or English for Catalan, you?


Also, can we please laugh at this?

October 1, 2017



1 Lolcat
2 Zombie
3 Pig Latin
4 Pirate
5 Itch for Vietnamese
1000 Latvian for Icelandic
6881 Latin
6882 Finnish

[deactivated user]

    It's funny imagining how my family would react if the first five came out and had microphone practice.


    Latin (hopefully), and Arabic, although we can always hope for Finnish.


    Meh. Not to be a pessimist, but Latin's probably not gonna come, at least, for a long while. I'd apply if I was higher than A1 and if I didn't learn Ecclesiastical Latin, because if they do a course, it'll probably be Classical.


    Arabic or Finnish or some language from india and maybe Bulgarian and a few other languages from eastern Europe but that is just a guess.


    Tagalog would be pretty interesting.


    English for English speakers... sadly, there are a lot of people who need this, but they're probably not here :-P

    Zulu was my guess, since I remember it being mentioned in an interview (or perhaps Luis' AMA). Since it uses a Latin alphabet, I figure it takes less time. That said, I don't know if they have anyone to work on it.

    I'm going to guess English for Javanese speakers. It's one of the largest languages that's not yet in the incubator. While I'd happily study it the other way, I think there's likely to be more demand from Javanese speakers.


    Being the nerd that I am, I am really hoping for a Na'vi for English course or Lojban for English course at some point in the future, but it'll probably be a while before we get either (although Na'vi could come out in 2020 to coincide with Avatar 2). I'd also like Tolkein's Elvish, but since there are two dialects and no Unicode for the Tengwar script, it seems very unlikely.

    As for natural languages, I'd of course like to see a Finnish for English course, but I would also like an Estonian for English course. Estonian is closely related to Finnish and has a similarly insane amount of noun cases, but is more "obscure" than Finnish. I think Estonian would be interesting to learn. In addition to Finnish, I'd love to see Icelandic to complete the 5 Nordic countries. I think Inuktitut and other languages native to North America would be really cool to learn.


    I think it would be cool to have another language from Czech to (anything really) that way I keep using it :)

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