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Simple stories in Swahili

Hi everyone! I found a website with lots of simple stories in Swahili in PDF form.


They're kids' stories, I guess, but the first one I read was Tingi na Ng'ombe and, well, read it for yourself I guess ... http://storybookscanada.ca/pdf/sw/sw-0210_tingi.pdf

October 1, 2017



Another good resource is the YouTube channel Bookboxinc, which has several narrated children's stories in Swahili, with audio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03eOHPLvvh0


If you use this link:

http://storybookscanada.ca/stories/sw/ you can read them online and select an English or French translation to see.



That's a good website I made last year that has really simple things to read. It goes along with the Duolingo course too, so you won't have to look up every new word you see (most likely).


Mzuri sana! Thanks for your effort; it's indeed a good and neat website!


That second conversation is hilarious.


This is really nice! Thank you for sharing this.


Thank you very much, just what I need.


Been meaning to look for something like this. Thanks.


If people use the translate function on the site to double-check they understood correctly, please note not all English translations are accurate.

The level 1 story Ninapenda Kusoma is a prime example, where a couple of sentences are deliberately altered for some reason in the translated text.

I think it's fairly obvious when the English doesn't correspond to the Swahili, and I'm guessing people will be reading along with their dictionary of choice for words they stumble on rather than switching between languages, so this shouldn't be too much of a problem for most here once they are a reasonable way into the course. I just figured it was worth bearing in mind.


Primary school books from Tanzania are another good resource. Try this link: http://www.tovl.ac.tz/browse?level=primary&grade=std_two&subj=kiswahili. Not all books are equally accessible though.


the link doesn't work :(


Hmm, it works for me, both at home and at work ...


maybe it depends on region? i can't open this link in russia.


Hmm, that's possible and I was thinking it might be a region thing. Maybe try using a proxy and if you like them, download all the PDFs to look at later. :-)


Hmm I have the same issue too. (From Singapore) For me, the first pdf link doesn't work while the second one does.

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