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Wie geht's oder Wie gehts and how to pronounce them

Hi everyone. Cluney here. Wie geht es dir/ihnen/euch/mir is the way to ask someone, a group of peoplef, or yourself how their going. Which can be shortened to Wie geht's/gehts dir/ihnen/euch/mir. Which can be shortened to just Wie geht's/Wie gehts. So I put a slash between 'Wie geht's and Wie gehts'. The reason I did this which brings me to my question. Which one is proper? Both? Secondly I've heard a lot of people (although not Germans) pronounce the 'gehts/geht's' like how you pronounce gates in english. With an 'a' sound instead of the normal prononciation. Which one is richtig? Also join the movement for trophies and medals here

October 1, 2017



"Wie geht's" is correct, originally it's "Wie geht es" so the apostrophe-s is there to show the contraction to "geht's". Just like "it is" becomes "it's" in English.

That you read "Wie gehts" often is just because some are lazy typers (you have to press two keys on the German keyboard to make an apostrophe).

And it's definitely a German-"e" sound (it's a very phonetic language. What you write is what you say and the other way round).


LOL. People are lazy all around the world. I thought it was just us.

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