"Certains auteurs aiment ce livre."

Translation:Some authors like this book.

March 13, 2013

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In English the word "writer" can usually substitute for "author". Famous French writers agree.


Hmm! I wrote "Some writers like this book" and it was marked wrong. I do not think it is. It may well be that "auteurs" in French specifically refers to "authors" but in English "writers/authors" are interchangeable.


Shouldn't we hear a "z" sound between "certains" and "autours", and between "autours" and "aiment"? I know we generally do not say the "s" ending sounds in french, but I think I heard them when the following word started with a vowel in other exercises.


rux- But we hear it between certains and auteurs . certains auteurs aiment, don't have a liaison, because it forms a verbal group : subject + verb, EX : tu veux un café, elle écrit une lettre, il part avec sa copine, those 3 exemples don't need the liaison, it's forbidden between the subject and the verb.


Only the aiment and probability to go on, really, not good on my audio at all


I had problems hearing/deducing they were speaking in plural, about several authors. What would be the best way to pick it up?


the singular and plural versions should both be right because you cannot hear the difference between aime and aiment and certain auteur v. certains auteurs


writers has always been accepted for "auteurs" previously but not now. Pourquoi? I'm beginning to lose the will to live.


in English saying...Certain authors are liking this book...is an accurate translation Duo.

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