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  5. "The cat is thirsty."

"The cat is thirsty."

Translation:고양이는 목이 마릅니다.

October 1, 2017



I don't get what 목이 means... I keep getting told it is wrong when not in there, but the tips do not show this at all, then on a few I add it in and it says it is wrong still. What am I missing?


목 means neck or throat. I've read in the comments that Koreans refer to their body parts specifically, not on themselves. So it would be my head is hurting (headache), my stomach is empty (hunger), my throat is dry (thirst).


Yes it feels weird to listen but these sentences makes more sense somehow. 저는 목이 말라요. 저는 배고파요. 저의 머리아파요.


If we change the 고양이는 to 고양이가 in this sentence, would it make any difference? Is the use of 는 in this sentence is a must or can we change it to 가?


No, you cannot change it to 가 because 목is the subject, hence the subject marker 이. 고양이 is the topic, therefore the topic marker 는.


You can, I did


I sometimes confuse the use of 는 and 가 but in this sentence 고양이는 with 목이 seems kinda off. Why so? And can it be 고양이가 목이 마릅니다?


Can someone explain the difference between 니다 and 니까 endings?


ga at the end is used as a question marker


Why in 말라요 is the double ㄹ is pronounced with "r" sound instead of "LL"? I thought when there's ㄹㄹ u have to pronounce it as double L (mallayo, and not marayo). Can someone explain it?


youre right its supposed to be pronounced as the heavy l but duolingo made it wrong


You can use 가 here if the subject is connected to the adjective. 고양이가 목마르다 (written form).

There is also a noun for thirst 갈증. 갈증이 나다 - feel thirsty 

갈증이 심하다 - be very thirsty 

사과 주스로 갈증을 해소하다 - Satisfy (one's) thirst (with) apple juice.

그는 사과 주스로 갈증을 해소할 것입니다. - He will satisfy his thirst with apple juice.

저 여자는 사과 주스로 갈증을 풉니다 - That woman over there quenches her thirst with apple juice.

갈증 Is also - (to have) a thirst (for). 지식에 대한 갈증을 느끼다 - feel a thirst for knowledge 

Just some info to share. I have not tried to use the noun form on the app so I'm not sure if it will be accepted by Duolingo.

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