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  5. "Potřebují mléko."

"Potřebují mléko."

Translation:They need milk.

October 1, 2017



Be careful to notice potřebuji is "I" and potřebují with the čárka on the i is for "they."


Thanks I got lost this time.. You save my day! Mnohokrát děkuji!


What a differense between potřebují and potřebujou?


Potřebují is formal; potřebujou is colloquial. Both are Standard Czech.


You can't hear any difference! I tought it was I need milk, so I wrote Potřebuji mléko. It translated it to they need milk but didn't say to pay attention to the accents. What happened?


You must listen more carefully, it can be heard.

Potřebuji and Potřebují are distinct. Was your answer marked as correct or wrong?


To clarify, the čárka in Czech results in an elongation of the vowel sound. If you are listening for some kind of stress, you won't hear it. The amount of length increase varies by region. As I recall, in Ostrava people practically ignore them when speaking.


Is there a difference in pronunciation between "potrebuji" (I, first person singular) and "potrebuji with the carka" (they, 3rd person plural)? I put it without the carka and it was counted correct. But the translation is "they".


potřebuji - first person singilar

potřebují - third person plural

The čárka signifies a long vowel as usual, so the pronunciation is different. But the authors of the grading software may have allowed some freedom here, we do not know.

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