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  5. "The path is short."

"The path is short."

Translation:길이 짧습니다.

October 1, 2017


[deactivated user]

    How do you pronunce 짧습니다?


    I believe the first compound is pronounced like 짤 and the ㅂ gets added to the placeholder ㅇ if followed by a vowel. Can't remember how the pronunciation applies to double-consonants when followed by other consonants like ㅎ though.


    jjarp-seum-ni-dah. The double ㅉ is tricky to learn though.


    The ㅂ is silent and the ㄹ makes an l sound at the end of a syllable. So it is actually jjal-seum-ni-da.

    Its important to not rely on romanization for very long as it can really mess you up


    Thank you. The bot made it sound like it was jrerp


    jjalseubnida. When pronouncing words with double-consonants below the block, only one of them is to be pronounced. Usually the first. This is the best way I can explain this.


    You're right that its only one that's pronounced, but I don't think it always always the first though that seems to be common and I could be way off mark here


    You're right. The second consonant is the one pronounced only with:

    ㄹ+ㄱ ㄹ+ㅍ ㄹ+ㅁ


    What is the difference between these two?




    I know now that 짧습니다 is about how long a road is, just like a short pencil.


    I'm just confused but is there someone can explain to me,what is the difference between 짧다 and 작다 and how can I use this..I'm just confused...


    짧다 = short 작다 = small

    But, when Koreans talk about people, they usually say "키가 작다", which literally means "My/His/Her height is small." but essentially means "I'm/He's/She's short."


    I put "길이 짦습니다" and still got it right. (짦 not 짧)


    Is 작습니다 only for people's height?


    Yes and no. 짧다 (짧습니다) means "short", but in terms of length. 작다 (작습니다) means "small", but it's also often used for measuring height.

    Ex: "남자가 키가 작습니다." 키가 means "height" 작습니다 means "small" So, the sentence literally says that the man's height is small, which is the same as saying "The man is short."

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