"Somo la Kingereza"

Translation:English subject

October 2, 2017



proper form is - kiingereza

October 2, 2017


From the incubator update 6 months ago:

As I mentioned in the last update, there are some edits that we cannot make from the Incubator. One example: English, or kiingereza, is spelled kingereza right now. That is a typo, and I have submitted a request for that to be edited. We have to wait until it gets changed from a programming side, not from our Incubator side. Examples like that cannot be fixed right away, so we appreciate if you keep that in mind when providing feedback and don't get too frustrated if there are capitalization/punctuation/spelling errors like this - we are working to submit those requests to get those edited.

So that is something the Swahili team did try tackling, but it's Duo that hasn't fixed it.

October 2, 2017


When was 6 months ago? These comments have no date stamp in the app.

January 5, 2018


I am writing this for the students they will know the proper form :) I guess quite much of them don't check the words which Duolingo gives. :)

October 3, 2017
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