"Somo la Kingereza"

Translation:English lesson

October 2, 2017

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So "somo la fizikia," is physics but I can't put just English for "somo la kingereza?" That is simply not true (I checked with a native speaker). Please correct this. 24032020


Exactly. The phrase 'somo la' has not been included as 'lesson' or 'subject' in all the examples given so far with biolojia, Fizikia etc


proper form is - kiingereza


From the incubator update 6 months ago:

As I mentioned in the last update, there are some edits that we cannot make from the Incubator. One example: English, or kiingereza, is spelled kingereza right now. That is a typo, and I have submitted a request for that to be edited. We have to wait until it gets changed from a programming side, not from our Incubator side. Examples like that cannot be fixed right away, so we appreciate if you keep that in mind when providing feedback and don't get too frustrated if there are capitalization/punctuation/spelling errors like this - we are working to submit those requests to get those edited.

So that is something the Swahili team did try tackling, but it's Duo that hasn't fixed it.


When was 6 months ago? These comments have no date stamp in the app.


I am writing this for the students they will know the proper form :) I guess quite much of them don't check the words which Duolingo gives. :)


Shouldn't the English perhaps be something like, 'The subject of English' or 'English as a subject'? or some such (there has to be a more elegant way to phrase it than the ones I've just come up with!) I rather thought English subject meant a person - 'a person who lives in or who has the right to live in a particular country, especially a country with a king or queen: He is a British subject.' (From the Cambridge online dictionary)


Yes, it is strange. I'd say "English lesson".

(If you google "Somo la Kiingereza" you get lots of online English courses for Swahili speakers. They show "Somo la 1", "Somo la 2" and so on. That's also how my Swahili teacher labelled each of his lessons.


Apart from telling me so many times it is Kingereza, not Kiingereza [eish] 'English' (eg as a subject or study) is a perfectly good translation of 'somo la Kiingereza'


Can't it be just English?


Yes, just "English" should be accepted. Keep writing that and flagging "My answer should have been accepted". Eventually they may notice that lots of students agree with you.

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