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Having a list of discussions you started or are in without having to remember to follow them.

It would sure be nice to have a list of discussions you started or are in without having to remember to follow them.

October 2, 2017



I've been seeing this comment pop up recently. I think staff must be a/b testing it. In the past, everyone was auto-followed to anything they commented on or created. People have popped up over the years complaining and wanting to get rid of auto-follow.

Really goes to show that there is no way to make everyone happy. I'm with you though ChuckBagett. I prefer to be automatically signed up for discussions I've interacted with. I can always choose to unfollow them if I want to.


The auto-follow is triggered by having e-mail notifications enabled, I think. I didn't use email notifications while the streams where still enabled and had to follow everything manually at that time and since I enabled the notifications my followed discussions tab just grows and grows.
BTW: I hope you are fine ;)


This seems to be correct. I unchecked all the 'General' email notifications and replied to this comment, and it does not appear to have subscribed me to this thread. I presume it is the 'Email me when... Somebody responds to a discussion I'm following' setting that is responsible.


Brilliant, thanks for checking :-)


Very good information, thank you!!


Why don't you just add it as an option?


I think you automatically follow discussions you participate in? At least that's how it is for me =(


Only some of us are automatically following at the moment. Considering Duolingo has around 714 a/b tests running right now, I'm not surprised some people are reporting having a different experience.


Doesn't add much to the conversation here, but WOW 714 a/b tests.


Well that's frustrating. That means we can't help each other with troubleshooting =(


What a weird thing to do a test on, if indeed that was an a/b test. Not automatically following a discussion is like joining a group of people, saying something, and then walking away immediately.

What was the test be checking for? To see if someone who wasn't automatically getting following turned on would start manually clicking on Follow (either immediately, or after a few weeks when they finally realized they weren't following anything new)?

Is there still such an a/b test going on, or has Duolingo fully rolled out the change to not automatically follow?

Since I wasn't getting notifications of any responses, I was assuming that nobody was following any of the Esperanto discussions I had posted a question on. Now I'm using Google to find the discussions I posted questions on to see if anyone answered.


The auto-follow behaviour has obviously changed since the update. It is already mentioned in the comments here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24701177
But it is not clear to me wether it is a bug or an intended change...


I unfollowed this discussion, and now I'm making this post to see what happens.


OK, it is a general problem..... Actually I don't mind these little glitches much, what I'd like is to see the promised rewrite of the forums as soon as possible, to see what Duolingo has in mind for us.

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