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"Die Frau ist doch schön, oder?"

Translation:The woman is beautiful, isn't she?

October 2, 2017



How is "The woman is beautiful, right?" not an acceptable translation? They are both post-hoc questions that ask for confirmation. Is "right?" too colloquial?


Why is doch used here?


To express that you think so, but are not totally sure. Other example: You write/say a sentence which you think is correct, but you are not 100% sure, you might ask: "Das ist doch richtig, oder?" It is just to stress that you think it´s correct. It works just as well without the "doch".


Can you give more explanation?


Still don't get it. English is my 2nd language. Can you give more examples?


I got from Duo

"The woman is not fair, is not she?"

Reported because this is poor English.


"The woman is beautiful, all the same, right?" should be accepted - reported!


I don't think that should be accepted, sorry. The sentence as given doesn't have the sense of "all the same".


I tried, "the woman is beautiful, don't you think?" because it is the first thing that came to mind that seemed to make sense of it. I would argue that it means the same thing and is a natural way to say it. However, I am not offended that Duo doesn't accept it, since there has to be some limit on colloquialisms; they can't accept every possibility


it is just as we use in english but the only thing in here is that 'doch' & 'oder' doesn't fits when we translate word by word but if we concentrate we will obseve that there is thing which makes it right so guys it us just a sentence formation


This actually correct me from "right?" to, "is not she" which is TOTALLY incorrect.. sending report on that one.


Why does DL not accept "init" instead of "isn't she?"


because "init" is not a word and woman is not referred to as an "it", but she or her.

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