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  5. "Brother! Come quickly!"

"Brother! Come quickly!"

Translation:형! 빨리 와!

October 2, 2017



We need better way to identify when to use 오빠 and 형. I answered 오빠! 빨리 와 and was marked wrong.


That should work. 오빠 is what a female would use to refer to her older brother, 형 is what a boy would use to refer to his older brother. They should both be accepted, report it.


Now it marked correct✅


I answered "동생, 빨리 와" as there was no specification of age (younger or older brother). Also, I felt it was more natural to use the informal form with your younger sibling rather than the older one. I'd think the use of the form 요 would be more appropriate to talk to a "hyung" hence my decision to pick the word "dongsaeng". It got marked as wrong. I reported it as I think this answer should be allowed.


형 and 오빠 and 오빠야 should all be accepted


It should be indicated if the speaker is a younger male, younger female or older sibling because it could either be 오빠, 형 or 남동생/동생..


There is literally zero context for this. But 오빠, 형, 남동생 are now accepted. But this is a poor question and should be changed to something that has clearer context.


오빠, 형, 남동생 are all the same thing. I was marked wrong...


the notes said that if you ever see the word brother, just to put down 형 since it is impossible to know who is female or male and ages.....but i know not everyone looks at those sooo


I didnt know there were notes. Where do you find them? I dont have premium btw


It is the Tips option when selecting the lesson. For Korean they only have them available in the web version and not in the app though.


Is it more common to use 해체 among family members?


does 오빠 or 형 imply the informal mode? if note, can @duolingo explain why 와요 or 오세요 are wrong?

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