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Which place in the world is most densely populated with languages?

Long ago, the world was very densely populated with languages because each tribe had a language. There are still some places where there are many,many small languages and my question is which place in the world is most densely populated with languages.

October 2, 2017



New York =)

Edit Not sure why this is getting a downvote? While Vanuatu may have the highest density per capita, and the Caucasus seems a good contender for amount of languages "in its original habitat" if I may call it that, there are more than 800 languages spoken in New York City on a relatively small area so I'd assume it has one of the, if not the, highest densities per area?


Well, for most part the language spoken in everyday life in New York is English. Sure, lots of different languages are spoken at home in New York, but when people go outside they mostly use English. I think OP means places where both or all of the languages are used in everyday life, like how Quebec uses both French and English in everyday life.


Thanks for the answers everyone. (I thought in the beginning it was middle africa)


My vote goes for Papua new Guinea.


The only linguistically dense region I know of is the Caucasus. <3


Vanuatu has about one language for every 2300 people.


Might not quite be an answer to your question, but Brazil and Papua New-Guinea are the two countries with the largest amounts of spoken languages.


Where did you find Brazil? According to Ethnologue Brazil is far behind Indonesia (and Papua New Guinea, of course). I would recommend that page for anyone who is interested in some language stats/facts.


An article in a printed newspaper, but I don't remember which one. Must have been mistaken then.

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