"Where are the glasses?"

Translation:안경이 어디에 있어요?

October 2, 2017

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A constant question.


What is the difference between 안경은 어디에 있습니다? (which is marked incorrect) and 안경이 어디에 있어요? (which is marked correct)? The only difference I can see is the formality of the first. At my level of understanding, they both appear to be grammatically proper. Or is the difference the "the" in the translation provided, if it corresponded better to the subject particle than the topical particle?


Maybe it requires 있습니까 to ask the question, idk if it would still be acceptable here though


It's incorrect because in this question "안경" is the subject and 이 is a subject marker, so it only makes sense to use it . 는/은 are topic markers so they won't be used here.


Is the 에 in 어디에 usually not very pronounced when said aloud? I feel like I've never heard 어디에 있어요 syllable for syllable, it usually sounds like 어디 있어요


Usually some particles like 을/를 are dropped in casual speech. I think the particle that is mostly dropped is 을/를.


What's wrong about '안경이 어디에 있느냐'? (I used the word bank)

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