"Ninapenda msimu wa baridi zaidi msimu wa joto"

Translation:I like winter more than summer

October 2, 2017

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Hey guys, try this response:

"I like winter more than summer"

Yes, this translation is messed up and I keep reporting, but if you use the above translation it will at least help you to finally get through the module and move on to the next one


So how to get the right answer here? Both "I like cold season more than hot season" and "I like the cold season more than the hot season" are marked wrong, and 'corrected' by the other.


In Swahili don't try to translate everything word for word, keep it simple sometimes.


Aren't there more accurate terms for seasons (in East Africa), since there's really no winter or summer near the equator?


When this sentence was presented in English to translate into Swahili, the articles "the" were left out.


That sounds ok to me.


Ninapendelea msimu wa baridi kuliko msimu wa joto.

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